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Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
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27 Seconds

27 Seconds

Seriously good wine with a life changing impact

100% of profits contributes to survivors of modern-day slavery

Somewhere on the drive between the vineyard and home, this tall farmer with curly blonde locks thought why not create a delicious wine and sell it for the NGO his wife worked for, which helps survivors of modern day slavery. 100% of the profits could go towards this important cause. This was an issue the couple cared deeply about, and the wife liked the idea very much. It is such a horrific issue, one that many people think we left in the previous century, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are more people in slavery today than ever before – 21 million is the conservative estimate, while the Global Slavery Index suggests 45.8 million. Either way – 21 or 45.8 million – it’s far too many! It was an issue the couple had long thought demanded attention and a response. However, knowing how to respond was the difficult part.

The idea which had started off as a passing thought snowballed into occupying their evenings,  conversations and bank accounts – essentially their lives. The couple had well and truly fallen in love with the idea of taking an everyday product  (okay semi everyday) like wine to empower New Zealanders to use it as a vehicle to fund change in modern day slavery. They only hoped that others would catch the vision too and use their buying choices to make life a bit better for others.

Words: 27 Seconds

“Every 27 seconds a vulnerable child is either sold or trafficked into slavery``

Address: 238 Georges Road, North Canterbury, NZ


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