Beautiful vegan-friendly wines. All New Zealand made, all decadently delicious, all cruelty-free! Pure Aotearoa.

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
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Taiao (n.):

Earth, natural world, environment, nature.
Kia Ora and  Welcome to Taiao Cellar, I’m glad you’ve stopped by!

This place was created out of a love for wine, food, life and our Earth. Taiao holds deep meaning in Maori culture and language, native to New Zealand. According to Maori, humans are tightly connected to the land and to the natural world.

With this connection in mind, I’ve been tirelessly hunting down the country’s producers of vegan-friendly wine. There are prominent brands and lesser-known boutique labels, some are organic and biodynamic, others are unfined and unfiltered. Some are all of the above! I truly believe we can live beautifully and full of pleasure without harming our bodies or our Earth, that’s why I’m here to show you the most delicious vegan wines and antipasto. Bring your heart along with your palate and venture into a world of more Aroha, more Taiao, and more exquisite wine.

Tamsyn Oliver


I created Taiao Cellar with a vision to inspire and connect. Never have I ever fallen more deeply in love with life since removing animal products from my plate, my glass, and slowly but surely every other facet of life. Taiao Cellar is a platform for sharing the beauty of authentically delectable wine and food that have been crafted with passion and nature at heart, and without a hefty price tag on your health or the life of other beings. When pleasure and ethics are harmoniously brought together, is when true balance is attained.


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