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Heavenly vegan food and wines this winter

Heavenly vegan food and wines this winter

I love how our taste buds move along with the seasons, it’s an expression of our innate connection to this wild and wonderful universe.

With that in mind, I’m sharing some thoughts on pairing winter wines and foods, contrary to popular belief it’s not all about wine with cheese or meat! The truth is, the two main things you need to consider are quite simple: weight and flavours.

For any earthy, savoury dishes like mushrooms or green herbs like basil, thyme, oregano and tarragon, Pinot Noir is a good choice as it’s a light red but has earthy depth to compliment those similar notes.

If you’ve got a heartier meal like roasted vegetables, grilled eggplant steaks or a solid vegan burger, you can choose a bigger red such as Merlot or a bolder Cabernet Sauvignon. Having a more full-bodied wine ensures it can stand up to a substantial meal.

… The truth is, the two main things you need to consider are quite simple: weight and flavours.

With creamy pasta bakes or lush pumpkin soups with soft crusty bread, and without a doubt the best match is a smooth, oak-aged Chardonnay. Soft textures and smooth savoury flavours blend beautifully soft starches.
Whether it’s Indian curry night or you’re keen on some spicy Thai, pair it with a medium or slightly sweet Gewürztraminer. It’s soft ginger and lychee flavours will balance the spicy heat in the curry making both even more delicious.


Colder weather brings in heavier foods, which is why we tend to reach for reds and some fuller whites. If you keep in mind the weight and flavours of your dish and that of your wine, it’s easy peasy 🙂 Just make sure to always have your wine a bit more robust than your food, otherwise it will be overpowered by what is undoubtedly a beautiful winter vegan meal on your table!

The wines on the Shop page of Taiao Cellar are not only vegan-friendly in the winery, but also in the vineyard! Which can get a bit tricky when you’re concerned about animal products in the viticulture, but I’ve asked all the questions already 🙂

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