Beautiful vegan-friendly wines. All New Zealand made, all decadently delicious, all cruelty-free! Pure Aotearoa.

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
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Truly living one’s values

The embodiment of a journey to organics

Around 10 years ago, we, Erica and Kim, founded Loveblock and began the development of our certified, integrated organic farm in Marlborough’s Awatere Valley. Loveblock represents our long-term vision to produce wines from organic and sustainably grown grapes that express their naked sense of place. It is a privilege to be able to truly live one’s values – Loveblock embodies my journey to organics.

As grape growers and tillers of the land, we believe that we are its custodians, nurturing it and managing soil balance and fertility without outside interference. Kim and I have been practicing organic farming at Loveblock since 2008, gaining organic certification in February 2012.

The largest part of the property is certified organic grazing land, where we keep cattle and sheep. We make our own compost to fertilise the grapes and do not use chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers. The large vegetable garden feeds those who work on Loveblock Farm – our staff, the guy who fixes the tractor, the line maintenance people and so on – we believe in community and sharing the bounty of the land.

Loveblock not only farms organically, but also grows grapes sustainably in accordance with Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand and incorporates some biodynamic practices. From 2016, all our wines are vegan friendly.

Words: Loveblock

``It is a privilege to be able to truly live one's values – Loveblock embodies my journey to organics.``

Address: (Office) Level 8 20 Waterloo Quadrant Auckland 1010
Phone: +64 9 365 1471


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