Beautiful vegan-friendly wines. All New Zealand made, all decadently delicious, all cruelty-free! Pure Aotearoa.

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
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Wines of boutique standing and international acclaim

A reflection of Gisborne’s unique terroir in distinctive single vineyard wines.

Established in 1968 by Bill Irwin, Matawhero Wines defied convention and made wines of boutique standing and international acclaim, and in doing so, changed the face of New Zealand winemaking forever.
Since its first vintage in 1975, Matawhero has produced many excellent and often adventurous wines. Following in Bill’s pioneering footsteps, son Denis imparted his own colourful style and won fame for his Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay– everyone was drinking it, even the Queen.
Today, revived by the Searle family, their passion is to produce distinctive single vineyard wines that reflect the unique Gisborne terroir. Matawhero wines are truly sustainable and dry-farmed using the regions own natural rainfall and require no irrigation. They are also vegan friendly as they have not used any animal products in the fining, finishing or juice clarification of their wines.

Words: Matawhero

“In a world reading Woman’s Weekly, I was doing Emerson.”
- Denis Irwin, Matawhero Winermaker 1975-99

Address: 189 Riverpoint Road, RD1, Gisborne
Phone: +64 6 867 6140

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