Beautiful vegan-friendly wines. All New Zealand made, all decadently delicious, all cruelty-free! Pure Aotearoa.

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
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Moana Park

Moana Park

What it really means to be a genuine estate winery

Growing all of their own fruit, making all of their own wine, and even bottling it themselves onsite.

Moana Park is all about staying true to what it really means to be a genuine estate winery. Dan and Kaylea Barker grow all of their own fruit, make all of their own wine, and even bottle it themselves onsite to retain full control of every aspect of their products. Here, the wines are kept in their most purest and natural form by excluding or reducing the use of additives and chemicals that a lot of wines contain. Common fining agents derived from animal products are not used at Moana Park, they are all certified vegan and vegetarian with the intention of maintaining the integrity of the grapes, staying close to nature and eliminating allergy issues. Call them nonconformists or rebels with a cause, this family owned estate chooses to challenge the norm and the ‘acceptable way’ of doing things. But in all realness and simplicity, wine is an unpretentious passion that is so much more authentic when untainted by the interference of its makers. Most of their reds are kept as natural as possible by not undergoing the fining process, while the whites and rosé are fined with bentonite. All handcrafted, all natural.

“We challenge age-old winemaking habits to produce wines that are naturally grown, free of allergy inducing additives, and pure joy to drink.”

Address: 530 Puketapu Rd, Napier, Hawkes Bay 4183
Hours:  Monday-Sunday 10am-5pm
Phone: 06-844 8269

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