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Save the world; eat more nut cheese!

Decadence and deliciousness with compassion and kindness

Savour is the epitome of bringing together a love of delectable, handcrafted cheese with compassion and care for our health and the environment. These cheeses are organic cultured, non-dairy, rich in protein and probiotics, individually crafted and aged in a cheese cave by an artisan cheesemaker. Probiotics are truly wonderful at awakening your body’s inner wisdom, and Savour cultured nut cheese is a delectably more-ish way to get those probiotics into your diet.

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Smokey Chipolte
An aged, firm textured cheese made from cashew and macadamia nuts. Flavoured with New Zealand grown, manuka cold-smoked jalapeño chilies. Each round is finished with a generous dusting of Sweet Paprika.
An aged, firm cashew cheese. Simple yet classic.

Creamy yet firm, this melt-in-your-mouth cashew cheese has the tang of a good feta. Cubed casheta is marinated in organic Olive Oil with peppercorns and a sprig of Rosemary.

El Boracho

El Boracho, meaning “the drunkard”, is an aged, firm textured cashew and macadamia nut cheese that has been fermented with an organic vegan craft beer.

Toasted Cumin and Pepper

An aged cashew and macadamia nut cheese, delicately flavoured with cumin and pepper which have been gently toasted to release their aromatic qualities. This cheese is then encrusted with Toasted Cracked Pepper and Nigella seeds (Black Cumin).

Ash Smokey Cheddar

Extra smokey flavoured cheese layered in activated ash.

Seasonal Botanicals Cashew Cheese

A visual symphony of seasonal herbs and edible flowers.

Organic Cultured Vegan Butter

Made from cashews, probiotics, coconut and olive oil – imagine this on crusty bread!

``Savour supports the movement towards a plant based diet for health, environmental and ethical reasons. My mission is simply to produce delectable and tempting plant based foods.``

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