Beautiful vegan-friendly wines. All New Zealand made, all decadently delicious, all cruelty-free! Pure Aotearoa.

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
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A passion project worth getting excited for

Naturally thought-provoking, approachable wine.

After many years spent working in New Zealand and Australia, and travelling around the world growing and making wine, Tincan is Nick Candy’s passion project. The opportunity to get his hands dirty doing things how he wants to, testing personal philosophies and ideas. As a winemaker but a viticulturist first and foremost, he aims to get the fruit right in the vineyard following the wine along every step of the process. Intervention is minimized both in the vineyard and the winemaking by using a ‘Natural’ or ‘Living’ approach. This means less passes by a tractor, no irrigation, no under-vine cultivation or mowing, and intentionally lower production.

Nick hand-picks based on three factors; the flavour first and foremost, followed by fruit condition then the weather. With Tincan wines, you can expect no additives, no sulphur, no animal products and no filtration. The cloudiness in the bottle is intentional, made up of a small amount of grape and yeast residue and is used as a natural antioxidant. Everything is done by hand, including bottling and labelling. A truly natural and authentic experience with every glass.

Words: Nick Candy

“Crafting thought-provoking yet approachable wine, I focus on minimal intervention organic vineyard management.”

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